Kingtree Gin Cocktail Kit Gift Set

Kingtree Gin Cocktail Kit Gift Set


Mix your favourite cocktails at home with a simple to use Kingtree Premium Gin Cocktail Gift Set. Including all your gin and mixers to make 8 stunning gin cocktails. Perfect as a Corporate Business Gin Gift Set or for a present for family and friends.


You don't have to be a supreme mixologist to master these! Each set is presented in a gift box with mixing instructions so all you have to do is find a glass, a little garnish and some ice!


Each set includes:

5cl Kingtree Premium Dry Gin

5cl Kingtree Apple Infused Spiced Gin

5cl Kingtree Strawberry and Lime Gin Liqueur

5cl Kingtree Cherry and Honey Gin Liqueur

200ml Elderflower Tonic

200ml Cranberry Juice 

200ml Mediterranean Tonic


Dispatched from 1st December 2020