Kingtree Dry Gin 20cl

Kingtree Dry Gin 20cl


The finest botanicals, gathered from around the world, are carefully combined in the heart of East Yorkshire to create Kingtree hand crafted dry gin. With citrus tones and warming spicy notes, Kingtree Dry is expertly distilled, delicious welcoming and open. Each bottle is batch numbered and hand finished.

  • Botanicals

    A fabulous selection of seven botanicals are carefully blended to give Kingtree Dry Gin its unique character and flavour.

  • Tasting Notes

    Inspired by our passion for a great G&T we set out to deliver the perfectly layered Gin experience.

    Distinct notes of aromatic pine where our premium juniper meets subtle Rosemary undertones. This follows Kingtree Premium Dry's initial fresh citrus zing, flooding your senses with an abundance of orange and lemon zests.

    Incredibly smooth on the palate, the citrus gives way to hints of spice with an overarching anise backdrop that serves to almost cleanse the palate.

    The finish is as bright, fresh and lingering as the memory of the first time you tried Kingtree Premium Dry.

  • ABV